The 4 Christmas Gift Challenge

In recent years, a phenomenon has swept the web called the 4 Christmas Gift Challenge. For those who have tried it, the challenge has helped restore some of the meaning of Christmas. Whether it comes in response to the over consumerism and commodification now associated with Christmas, or as a budget friendly method of gift giving, the results have been more than favorable. We all love our families and want to provide them with the best Christmas possible, but our desire to please can lead to a holiday season overshadowed with worrying about finding the right gift, overspending, and the fear we will disappoint the people we love. The 4 Gift Challenge has become popular, because it simplifies the holidays, and helps us return to what the season is all about, family and the joy of giving.

The idea is simple – each family member gets four gifts. Whether you choose to include stocking stuffers in the challenge or not is up to your family. The challenge is to give each person something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. Using this nifty little rhyming reminder will help you fulfill the majority of gift desires for each person on your list.

Or, you could try making it a family challenge, by getting one big family gift for each category. A big want might be a new big screen TV for the family room so everyone can watch football together. A significant need might be a washing machine to replace the old model that can’t keep up with your growing family. Something to wear could be new snow boots for an upcoming family trip to the mountains. And something to read could be the Harry Potter series or your favorite books from childhood to read aloud as a family throughout the year.

So, if you find yourself looking around on Christmas day at a pile of wrapping paper and ribbon wondering why you went through the stress and financial strain to provide the “perfect” Christmas, you might find yourself announcing, “Next year we are going to do the 4 Gift Christmas Challenge!”


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