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Scarves are a great way to stay warm when the temps dip below 50 degrees. You may have thought of scarves only as a fall/winter fashion accessory, but there may health advantages to those scarves you’ve been sporting. Back when our managing editor Nic used to fence, his coach Florin was constantly yelling at the team to “wrap the neck.” Florin believed if you let your neck get cold, you would get a debilitating headache that would keep the team off the strip. Many coaches and health professionals believe that keeping the neck warm ensures that athletes are ready to perform.

And it turns out that there may be some truth to this warning. Acupuncturists believe there are acupuncture points at the back of the neck and the top of the shoulders that affect our immune system. These points are susceptible to the elements (wind, cold, and dampness) and when exposed they can weaken our resistance. Think about it, have you ever spent a day outside in the cold, started feeling a stiff, sore neck, and then fallen ill with a cold or flu? That stiff neck feeling may be the first sign that a cold or flu is starting to enter your body. Keeping your neck (and head) covered is your first line of defense, and might be the essential piece of clothing for staying healthy this winter. So while scarves look good, they also serve a purpose beyond fashion and warmth, they may help fend off a cold too!

Need help with tying your winter wonder garment? Watch the video to see how to tie a blanket scarf.

For more scarf-tying guides check out How to Tie a Scarf on or search scarf tying on Pinterest

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