Edgar's Bakery

Do I need to have a plate of Edgar sweets for my house guests on Saturday morning? No, but having people here was a great excuse to indulge. And the fact that Edgar's is only a few miles away in Providence, made it super easy to pop over and pick up treats. Thank goodness, because before Edgar's there wasn't a great option for those of us living northwest of 255 other than Kroger for baked goodies.

From the front, you might thing Edgar's is a fancy gift shop, and you'd be partially right because you have to run the short gantlet of ready to go packaged breads, muffins, and signature orange rolls on the way to the counter. If you are need a cake, you can order something special ahead or for those in a pinch, there are beautiful cakes on hand waiting to be boxed up. And, in addition to baked goods, Edgar's has fresh soups, salads, and sandwiches made from bread baked on the premises each day.

The atmosphere is casual. The diners range from ladies who lunch to the business crowd with a smattering of college students on laptops. If you go for brunch on the weekend, be prepared to stand in line.

My favorites: The orange roll (might be as good as All Steak in Cullman) and cheese grits.

Edgars Bakery is located in the Village of Providence at 472 Providence Main Street, Suite 100 Huntsville, Alabama 35806. Click here to check out the menu.

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