Mason Dixon Bakery

What I love, love, love about Mason Dixon bakery is that I can take my son there and not worry about the food. Since we found out about his nut allergy when he was three and the shell fish allergy that developed when he was in his teens and the gluten issues that came along in his twenties, we have had to be very careful about food. Ordering out is always a pain and Nic hates being that guy, the one who has to send something back that has nuts on it that weren't in the description. Or ask if the fries were cooked in peanut oil.

For those of us who without food allergies, eating at a health food restaurant can be a challenge of bland, unappetizing food.

Mason Dixon Bakery is located at 2358 Whitesburg Drive SouthHuntsville, AL, 35801. Click here to check out their menu. SaveSaveSave

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