Grounded Coffee

We love good coffee. And we will go out of our way for an exceptional cup of coffee. We are also suckers for coffee shops that blend coffee, community, and personal commitment. Grounded Coffee does that. It was one of the first places we discovered when we came to Huntsville on a house hunting trip.

The owner, Chris was gracious and welcoming, taking time to tell us about the area and make us a great cup of coffee. He and his wife Katie have invested in the area and in creating a place that is “grounded” in the community.

We are also suckers for really great messaging. I took the picture for this post during our first visit. We have always believed that we have the power to create the world we want to live in through love, faith, and good works. So when we saw the “Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your world" sign, it resonated with us. The folks at Ground don't just stop with good thoughts, they invite their customers to "pay it forward in coffee" and leave notes for someone who might need a bit of love.

So when you are in Madison, swing by Grounded Coffee. You will leave feeling grateful for the coffee and the good karma.

Grounded Coffee is located at 12120 County Line Road in Madison.

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